By: R.HOLT 

Blood and Glory
Audiomachine (Chronicles)


"Be still boy, It’ll hear you!" Whispered a voice in the darkness. Fear welts up in the boy’s throat as he clung to his mother tightly. They could hear the sound of something dragging the ground just above the hideout . “Help!” Cried out a woman’s voice. “Somebody, anybody help me please.” She pleaded as she dragged herself on her stomach through the woods. “I have broken my leg, and I am lost, is there anyone out here?” “Please!” She cried out desperately. The boy’s father crept carefully to a slit in the roof, just at the hatch of the hideout. He could barely make out the outline of the woman, her long hair blowing about. “It is so cold” she cried as the dim fog of her breath drifted ahead of her on the forest floor. “I will surely freeze.” She sobbed. The older boy slowly made his way to the slit to see for himself who cried out in the cold darkness. “We have to help her father.” He whispered. “No Garret, it’s too risky!” his father hastily replied. The boy looked at his father. “That makes us no better than Evalgon to allow a wounded girl to die alone in the forest.” He scolded his father. He flipped open the hatch and quickly climbed up the ladder closing it behind him. "Garret, No! His mother cried out.

Garret stood in the darkness scanning for the wounded woman he hoped to rescue. “Is someone there?” A woman’s called out hopefully. “Yes,” He replied nervously. “Keep talking so that I can find you.” He uttered bravely. After several steps he became overwhelmed. “Where are you?” “We must hurry we are both in danger!” Garret scoured the forest floor. “Why have you stopped talking?” He asked in a frustrated tone. “Please, say something so I can get us to safety” He implored in panic. “There is something out here” He whispered loudly. “Something that s-searches” his words stumbled on the fear in his throat. He stopped realizing how far he must be now from the hideout. He wrung his trembling hands nervously “w-why can’t I see you?”“ I... I saw you clearly from the hatch” his voice quivered. “I can hear your scared little heart pounding in your chest” the woman’s voice whispered. The boy’s eyes scanned the forest. He wanted to run, but his legs were paralyzed with fear. “Who is there?” He whispered. The smoke from his breath cast out like a white sprit. “Misery” the woman’s voice answered as she flew out of the darkness. Terror flooded the boy’s body as he saw the harpy only a second before her talons dug into his shoulders ripping to the bone. Uh! He cried out in agony as his limp body was swept up like a small rabbit.

They flew out of the dark woods and into the dim morning light. All that the boy could see was a great rock wall. It seemed as if they would fly upward forever, then the rocky mountainside gave way to a flat plain and a trail of other boys all shackled together walking toward a large dark castle. The boy’s eyes filled with tears from both the pain of the talons and the fear of the horrors yet to come.

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